Regen Registry Credit Classes

Verified Carbon Standard Credit Class

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is the one of the leading greenhouse gas (GHG) programs that allows certified projects to turn their GHG emission reductions and removals into tradable carbon credits. The VCS Program ensures the credibility of emission reductions and removals by outlining the rules and requirements which all projects must follow in order to be certified. Projects registered with the VCS program are assessed using approved GHG emission reduction methodologies and verified by both qualified independent third parties and Verra staff to ensure that standards are met and methodologies are properly applied. Once projects have been certified, project developers are issued tradable carbon credits known as Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) which can be sold to entities interested in neutralizing or offsetting their emissions.
This credit class is intended to be used by project developers, credit brokers, and other stakeholders interested in digitizing nature-based carbon credits issued by the VCS program to make them available in the emerging world of decentralized finance. The rules and requirements outlined in this credit class must be followed exactly for VCUs to be issued on Regen Ledger. To avoid double counting, all VCUs issued on Regen Ledger must retire on the Verra registry according to the process outlined in Section 5.b.
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