Credit Class Defined

Credit classes can unite different methodology measurement systems for a defined credit type under a shared set of project definitions, rules, and requirements.

The credit classes should outline the programmatic requirements, project eligibility, and rules and regulations surrounding credits and credit issuance.

Registry Registry's credit class includes:

Credit Type:

  • Avoided GHG emissions

  • Carbon removal

  • Sheep grazing duration

  • Increased biodiversity

Project Activities:

  • Afforestation

  • Improved grazing

  • Biodiversity conservation

  • Grazing sheep in vineyards

  • Project Eligibility Requirements

  • Reporting requirements

Ecosystem Types:

  • Water

  • Forests/woodlands: Temperate

  • Forests/woodlands: Tropical

  • Grassland/Herbaceous

  • Pastureland/Hay

  • Cropland

  • Agroforestry

  • Shrubland

  • Wetland

  • Ice/snow

  • Barren

  • Developed/urban

  • Mechanically disturbed

  • Nonmechanically disturbed

  • Mining

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