CarbonPlus Methodology for Grazing Systems v1.0 & Credit Class

Ecosystem Focus: Grasslands, Shrubland, Pastureland


Credit Class Name: CarbonPlus GHG & Co-Benefits in Grazing Systems

Developer: Regen Network Development PBC- Science Team

Sectoral Scope:


Coupled with this methodology, the updated "CarbonPlus GHG & Co-Benefits in Grazing Systems Credit Class" is also open for public comment and outlines the more programmatic requirements of the data collection and credit creation process. There were no additional expert reviews of this document in this round of revisions.

The upgraded “CarbonPlus GHG & Co-Benefits in Grazing Systems Credit Class” now includes lessons learned from these last 5 years from the VCMs, to make credits more robust and market accepted. This version has a more comprehensive additionality definition and also restricts the lookback period to 5 years, formerly 10. The language and definitions throughout the document have also been improved.

Final v1.0 GHG and Co-Benefits in Grazing Systems Credit Class (Updated Dec 2023).pdf

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