Regen Registry Handbook

Regen Registry Handbook

A resource outlining the process of engaging with Regen Registry

Regen Registry Overview

Regen Registry is an ecological service registry operating in the voluntary market that aims to support climate action by accelerating the adoption of nature-based solutions, which regenerate and restore natural ecosystems. Pulling on a combination of tools from Web3 and open source movements, Regen Registry aims to democratize and invigorate regenerative finance by empowering communities of Earth stewards, scientists, technologists, and climate entrepreneurs to govern the systems used to create new ecological assets.
Regen Registry is built on the understanding that ecological systems are inherently complex, and creating a one-size-fits-all solution does not address the financial constraints, access to scientific resources, and site specific limitations which prohibit the development of many ecological regeneration projects. By building the pathways for stakeholders to engage in the creation, development, and verification of ecological assets, we hope to maximize accessibility to payment for ecological services programs while ensuring regeneration projects best serve the needs of our communities and our planet and maintain high integrity.

Regen Registry Handbook

The Regen Registry Handbook outlines the structure of Regen Registry, and details the frameworks stakeholders can use to create and issue ecological assets, known as ecocredits on the Regen Registry, in an open marketplace. The handbook also outlines the general requirements for the quantification, monitoring, reporting, verification (MRV), project registration, administration and issuance of credits, and governance of the registry standards. More specific legal requirements are found in the Regen Registry Program Guide. Regen Registry credits are nature-based solutions, which provide ecosystem integrity, including GHG emission reductions and removals, biodiversity/habitat protection, improvement in water quality, etc.