Call for Public Comment

The Regen Registry Public Comment Process allows community members to participate directly in the development of methodologies, credit classes, and registry program materials. Regen Registry invites comments from the public about whether the below methodologies and credit classes meet the requirements and integrity of our registry. Comments solicited from the public should be constructive and developed with the intent of improving the processes and tools used to develop projects.

How to Comment

The Public Comment period for each methodology and credit class is 15-days. During this period community members can comment directly on the methodology using the template provided below. Reviews should provide feedback on the validity of the methodology. Specifically it should address the following:

  • Is the methodology clearly written with adequate detail for implementation?

  • Is the underlying foundation of the methodology clear?

  • Is implementation of the methodology feasible?

  • Will the proposed methods achieve the results defined in the methodology?

  • Are the sampling and measurement protocols robust?

  • Are there any alternative or additional steps that should be considered?

During the Public Comment process, we encourage public discourse around the methodology . Those interested in participating in an active and real time responsive discussion can visit the Hylo Public Comment page.

How to Submit Comments

To submit your comments, submit the Public Comment Submission Form. People submitting comments directly will have the option to remain anonymous (the default option) or they can request to have their name attached to the comments. We ask for contact information in case there is a need for clarification of your comment.

How Comments are Incorporated

At the conclusion of the public comment period, comments are compiled into a report and sent to the Methodology Developer, who then has 30 days to respond to comments in writing and incorporate relevant feedback to a revised version, which is then posted on the methodology page. If there are major concerns that cannot be confidently resolved within Regen Registry, input from the expert community will be requested. Also, some clarification might be requested from the commenters when necessary.

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