Watershed Nature-Based and Green Infrastructure Water Methodology

Ecosystem Focus: Wetlands


Methodology: Watershed Nature-Based and Green Infrastructure Activities Avoiding Emission from Water Management Gray Infrastructure Construction and Operations Methodology v1.0

Developer: Virridy


This Methodology can be used by Project Proponents to generate carbon credits by reducing nonpoint source contamination of watersheds, thereby avoiding the increased greenhouse gas emissions from the status-quo infrastructure construction and electricity use associated with industrial drinking water and wastewater management and treatment.

This methodology creates a standardized approach to quantify and verify the emission reduction benefits of green infrastructure projects that improve water quality. Project Proponents using this methodology will quantify the reduction in GHG emissions associated with avoided energy and material use from the upgrading or new construction of water quality treatment facilities.

Final Version Published January 18, 2024:

Regen Network - Watershed Carbon.docx.pdf

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