Regen Registry Handbook

Credit Class vs Methodology

Clarification on what belongs in a credit class and what belongs in a methodology
This list distinguishes between the content that is belongs in a methodology and that which belongs in a credit class. In certain cases the credit class and methodology can be combined into one document (preexisting methodologies from other registries and some non-carbon methodologies).
Credit Class: Overarching requirements and protocols
  • Project Eligibility: Ecosystem Service Classification, Ecosystem Type
  • Project rules and regulations
  • GHG Removal and Emission Reduction Requirements
  • Verification requirements
  • Purchasing, Retiring, Selling credits
  • Buffer Pool
  • GHG accounting related requirements including permanence, leakage and additionality
  • Compliance requirements
  • General Co-Benefits that could apply
  • Crediting Unit
  • Crediting Term
  • Project emissions
Methodology: Measurement approach for developing monitoring reports
  • Methodology overview
  • Definitions
  • Baseline scenario
  • Monitoring and measurement approach
  • Specific Co-benefits
  • Reporting - methods and cadence
  • Uncertainty