Who are Expert Peer Reviewers

What we look for in Expert Peer Reviewers, the benefits of participation and how to participate

Why An Expert Peer Review Is Important

The peer review process provides valuable feedback for those developing methodologies. It is a method of review that is widely respected and understood and creates value for your project. Overall, the process works to advance the field of nature-based solutions (NBS) by helping to create standards that elevate the value of NbS’s.

Why it is Important for Experts to Engage in Peer Reviews

Reviewers benefit by exposure to novel applications in their fields of interest. Tenure committees look favorably on participation in peer review, and invitations to review underscore that the reviewer is a respected subject matter expert. Contacts made during the peer review process can lead to long-lasting collaboration.

Early career researchers (ECRs) could and should also become involved in methodology peer review. Becoming a reviewer early in your career helps you to better appreciate the feedback you receive as an author. A further benefit is it provides training in evaluating research critically. Are their methods suitable? Do their methods seem valid and appropriate for the intended goals? There is a clear reason for ECRs to become reviewers from a personal perspective, but the academic community benefits more widely. ECRs form a significant component of the academic community, and their involvement in peer review spreads out the workload, resulting in a more efficient process.

How to Become a Regen Peer Reviewer

Are you an expert in a nature-based solutions field, environmental economics, a specific ecological region or greenhouse gas accounting? Would you like to become involved in reviewing novel methodologies?

Peer reviewers should have significant expertise and experience with standardized approaches. Methodology developers, policy makers, market analysts and validation/verification bodies, among others, are invited to apply. Familiarity with VCS methodology development and assessment is useful but not essential.

Peer reviewers should expect to commit 4-8 hours to the task.

Steps for Expert Peer Review (Regen Registry)

  • You will receive the methodology for review that you can add inline comments to

  • You will receive a template for additional and general summary comments

  • You will review and provide feedback and wait for a revision report and response from the methodology developer and review comments and revisions and send back as a pass or request additional updates

  • A maximum a round of 3 reviews will be completed

  • Payment - $300 stipend

  • Goal will be to complete the process within 3 -4 weeks with variability expected depending on response times.

  • Your name will appear on the project documentation as an Expert Peer Reviewer

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