Defining credit issuers and issuing credit batches

The credit class issuers are the addresses with the authority to issue credit batches in a given credit class. The list of credit class issuers is defined at the time the credit class is created and only the admin can update the list after the credit class is created.

Ecocredits (i.e. the credits issued under the Regen Registry) are issued through a batch issuance process where only approved issuers for a given credit class can issue credits from that credit class. Each credit batch is associated with a project implementing the methodologies defined within the credit class. Credit batches are unique in that each credit batch has a start and end date representing the period in which the positive ecological outcomes were measured.

Credits issued within a credit batch are only fungible with credits from the same batch. Credits can be issued in a tradable or retired state. Credits issued in a tradable state can be transferred or retired by the owner. Retiring a credit is permanent and implies the credit is being consumed as an offset.

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