How decisions are made about Credit Classes

Regen Registry will initially administer the process of adding new credit classes with the process described above. In the near future our aim is for a broad set of stakeholders, including subject matter experts, Earth stewards, project developers, monitors, and verifiers to govern methodologies, achieving a more independent, decentralized registry inclusive of a broad set of stakeholders.

At present, Regen Registry is the sole credit class creator on Regen Ledger. This involves helping community members create and manage on-chain assets, both for credits produced natively through the Regen Registry Program and for credits from other registries, such as Verra, Gold Standard, or American Carbon Registry.

Regen Registry plans to decentralize this address to support other's ability to create credit classes on Regen Ledger. In doing so, we will explore transitioning this address into a community-governed meta-registry address. This will enable organizations like Verra, Gold Standard, and American Carbon Registry to create credit classes and issue credits without going through a governance proposal. The opportunity is still available for community members to apply to be an approved credit class creator. The community has the right to revoke Regen Registry’s ability to create credit classes if it is seen as unsuccessful in the mission to bring Regen Registry, and other registry programs, on chain.

Regen Registry plans to use this address to steward much of the credit class processes. In the coming months Regen Registry hopes to train partners and community members in tasks related credit class creation, administration, and issuance to achieve the progressive decentralization of the Registry. In addition, Regen Registry is developing user interfaces and other coordination tools like the group module and multi-signature and "DAO" software to support decentralized governance of the Registry.

To learn more about the process to become a credit class creator, see this Signaling Proposal: Process for Becoming a Credit Class Creator (2021, V1)

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