Project Marketing

Regen Registry offers support for co-marketing and sales initiatives related to developed credits. To effectively carry out these activities, it is required for project developers to create a credit class page and project page. The credit class page provides an overview and key features of the credit class and a summary of the primary impacts and co-benefits. The project page encompasses various project elements, including the project name, short and long-form project descriptions, developer information, and media resources such as photos, videos, and logos. Regen Registry offers a Credit Class Page template and a Project Page template to document this information.

Our team utilizes this information to generate marketing assets, such as a dedicated credit class and project webpages on Regen Marketplace. We also encourage the further development of collaborative co-marketing campaigns to support credit sales, depending on availability.

Below is an example of a Credit Class page on Regen Marketplace, also linked here.

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