Regen Registry Handbook


Regen Registry’s objectives are to:
  • Encourage nature-based solutions. For example, solutions based on regenerative agriculture, conservation, and best management practices, as a strategy to mitigate (by removing/reducing GHG emissions) and/or adapt to climate change.
  • Provide guidance for, and promote, scientifically rigorous methodologies and credit classes to foster the development of high quality ecological assets.
  • Create an open-source infrastructure that allows cost-effective and rigorous MRV implementation, issues and tracks credits while avoiding double counting, and provides payments, billing, and marketing functionality.
  • Support best practices in project-level GHG accounting and ecosystem services. Commercialize innovative types of credits bundled with valuable co-benefits and ecosystem services.
  • Provide an environment to develop new types of ecological assets that will inform voluntary and regulated markets. Incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT sensors, satellite remote sensing, and digital signatures, in the use of project monitoring and verification.
  • Enhance public confidence in market-based action for GHG removal and ecosystems’ regeneration.