Registry Hylo Guide

Regen Registry Hylo is our dedicated gathering place for the Regen Registry community and the Regen Registry and Science teams.

The Regen Registry and Science teams seek to grow the community around the development of ecocredit standards, the Registry Guide, and the culture of Regen Registry as a community-driven regenerative registry. We use Hylo as the platform to encourage collaboration, support, and participation in this community. We invite all those with a desire to work with Regen Registry to join our community on Hylo.

This Guide illustrates how Regen Registry community members can engage with the Regen Registry and Science teams and with each other using the Regen Registry Hylo group. Find step by step instructions to orient you to the group, subgroups and Hylo’s functionality.

If you are interested in joining Hylo you can create an account here and introduce yourself.

  1. To start engaging on Hylo first create a Hylo account

  1. This screen will prompt sign in and offer the user to login with google or manually enter an email

  2. The user will be given the opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself, while this isn't required, it will make it easier to connect to others with similar goals

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