Project Registration

Registration Process Overview

This chapter outlines the process for project proponents to register a project with the Regen Registry. The examples of phases outlined below are designed for GHG emission reduction and/or removal projects but can be adjusted for other types of ecological outcomes.

The role of Regen Registry is to review the project registration documents submitted for completeness and compatibility with the credit class and approved methodology. Additional information may be requested as needed.

Project Registration begins with Project Application that includes the following steps:

Each project proponent registering a project must submit a project plan with key information for the credit class and approved methodology. Regen Registry offers a template of a generic project plan to adapt for each credit class. Please download the editable project plan template and submit it using the Project Registration Submission form. Project proponents may use other templates if the final document demonstrates sufficient information to register a project.

As applicable, monitoring reports should be submitted with the project plan. See Regen Registry Monitoring Report Template.

Project proponents may request to designate portions of the project plan or project documentation as personal/commercially sensitive information. This information must be available for review by Regen Registry and, if applicable, the approved verifier (with non-disclosure agreements, as necessary), but will not be posted publicly as part of the project documentation on the project page unless specifically allowed. Examples of sensitive information include:

  • Entity name and contact information

  • Land tenure category (public, private, communal)

  • Land ownership type (owner, tenant, trust)

  • Established project boundaries

Regen Registry encourages that all or the majority of the information is shared publicly to the extent that is possible for the sake of transparency.

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